Mastercard is developing the next generation solution to provide cardholder security using biometrics.

The Mastercard Biometric Card combines chip technology with fingerprints to conveniently and safely verify the cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. An embedded sensor authenticates identity through a fingerprint, building on fingerprint scanning technology used for mobile payments today and can be used at EMV terminals worldwide.

How it works

The card features an embedded fingerprint sensor to quickly capture and match the cardholder’s fingerprint to the digital fingerprint image stored on the card. The cardholder’s biometric data does not leave the card at any point, as the biometric capture and match is done entirely on the card. If the match is successful, the transaction is authenticated and there is no need for the cardholder to provide a signature or PIN.

How does this affect merchants?

As all the information processing takes place within the card, there are no additional support requirements for merchants or acquirers during transaction processing. Merchants can enjoy greater certainty of genuine cardholder identity during transactions. As a result, merchants may see increased revenue from reduced false declines or forgotten PIN transactions.

The Mastercard Biometric Card will be live in select markets in early 2018.