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Multi-layered authentication, designed for the unique behavior of every person



Advanced verification to advance the customer experience

Fast, accurate authentication not only prevents fraud, it supports a better customer experience. Mastercard authenticates millions of interactions every year using billions of data points, biometrics, and artificial intelligence to recognize the uniqueness of every individual. Because when you start with people, you can Start Something Priceless?.


Robust and ready to go

From payment to non-payment, Mastercard provides a full spectrum of solutions tailored to your unique needs to decrease your vulnerability.

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Intelligent risk management

Through AI and a layered approach that sees security and consumer experience as equals, data is applied intelligently to manage risk.

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Drive increased efficiency

Reduce operational costs related to customer servicing friction, including account access issues and password resets, financial and fraud risk.

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Flexibility for the future

As the market dynamically changes, Mastercard is continually investing and innovating to meet tomorrow’s challenges.


State-of-the-art authentication in action

Every organization faces unique challenges when it comes to security. These five real-life scenarios demonstrate how Mastercard delivers a layered approach to security.


Comprehensive solutions to protect your digital environment

Discover our scope of advanced, all-encompassing solutions designed to address your payment and non-payment authentication needs.

Passive and Active Biometric?Authentication

NuDetect and Identity Check Mobile verify users through biometrics, location, device and other unique attributes in real time to ensure digital transactions are friction-free.

Standards-Based Payment?Authentication

Identity Check, Smart Authentication and Smart Interface leverage EMV industry standards to provide insights that drive better payment decisions.

A Flexible Connection to Mastercard’s?3DS Server

Smart Interface provides merchants and other providers greater holistic control and improved efficiency throughout the entire payment authentication?process.?


Industry trends and insights

Learn about the latest trends and insights in digital security and authentication

Biometrics: Meeting the challenge of authentication and payments technology

Biometric authentication offers a level of security and convenience that today’s consumers want and expect in their day-to-day lives.

Market Intelligence Report: Delivering Intelligent Authentication

Find out why the need for a multi-layered security and authentication strategy is critical to your digital ecosystem.

Authentication that’s as seamless as it is secure. Mastercard is here to help.